Sunny Sethi

Sunny Sethi, President & CEO, FxNexus
- A Husband of 6 Years to Ritz, from whom he derives his inspiration to excel!
- A Father to a 3-month old who is the reason why he has had no sleep in weeks!
- A Son to a single mother who cultured in him the power of hard-work and perseverance
- A Serial Entrepreneur who launched his first business venture at the age of 15
- A Technology Enthusiast who will not own an iPhone (He has his dorky reasons!)
- A Consultant, Author, Trainer, Mentor and Speaker committed to helping Project Managers transition into Project Leadership; and Software Developers write cleaner software.
- Curriculum Architect for Univ. of Oklahoma’s Project Management Certification Program
- President & CEO of FxNexus, Inc. serving Fortune 1000 businesses in EU, US & Asia in the field of Software Engineering, Process Engineering & Project Management
- Researcher in the Neuroscience and the Application of Toyota Production System in a non-manufacturing environment

Besides quality ethnic food, recreational flying & spending time with family, Sunny’s other passions include designing efficient processes, investigating the future and listening to music “in a language I don’t speak”.

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