Suliman HawamdehDr. Suliman Hawamdeh is a professor and program coordinator for the Masters of Science in Knowledge Management program at the University of Oklahoma.  Prior to joining the University of Oklahoma in June 2003, Dr. Hawamdeh founded and directed the first Master of Science in Knowledge Management in Asia at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.  He was the founding president of the Information and Knowledge Management Society (iKMS) from 1998-2003. iKMS is a non profit organization aimed at serving information and knowledge Management professionals (  He is the founding Chair of the International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM) (www.ICKM2009) and the Knowledge and Project Management Symposium ( He is the editor in chief of the Journal of Information and Knowledge Management (JIKM) and the author and editor of several books on knowledge management.

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