Dr. Dayle AldridgeDr. Dayle L. Aldridge currently serves as Visiting Professor in the Organizational Dynamics Program in the Department of Psychology. 

Dayle holds a Bachelor’s degree in English/Education from Langston University, and the M. S. and Ph.D. degrees in Experimental Social Psychology from the University of Oklahoma.  She has additional certifications as a supreme court mediator, in leadership assessment from the Center for Creative Leadership, is a certified trainer and trainer of trainers, Lean/Six Sigma, Project Management, Strategic Planning from the Eli Board, Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Training, and other professional development. 

Her years of experience include high level corporate positions with a financial holding company, social programs with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, federal and international programs with the United States Department of Agriculture, serving as one of 18 from across the country as special advisors to the Secretary of Agriculture.  She has been a professor and researcher and an entrepreneur, establishing a highly successful human resources training and consulting firm.  Dayle is published in professional journals, co-authored a book and popular works that have been featured on public television, and is a successful grant writer.

In her last corporate position, as Director of Corporate Development and Training, working with the HR team her office was involved in what was referred to as re-selection, re-designing jobs, and assessing proficiency in the organization.  Later, working as Director of Operations at the Center for Public Management, and teaching and researching the topic, Dayle is uniquely prepared to contribute to discussions of leadership skills involved in the knowledge management process.
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