Larry SealeA native Tulsan, Lawrence Seale is President and CEO of WordCom, Inc., BBC, Inc., and Seale Enterprises.

A 1978 graduate of the University of Oklahoma, B.B.A. - Marketing, he began his business career at Burroughs Corporation, cutting his sales teeth by selling an alternative brand in the heart (Tulsa's oil industry) of IBM's mainframe/data processing stronghold. In September 1979 he became a sales manager for WordCom (a local Tulsa provider of technology products and services to government, educational, and commercial organizations). Managing all facets of WordCom's operations in the ensuing eight years, and promoted to President in 1987, he has managed 1000% revenue growth and 700% employee expansion (including the purchase and integration of BBC, Inc - a provider of technology equipment and services - in 1994), while achieving a current average employee tenure of 10+ years. During his tenure, WordCom has - as a small business playing against giants - prospered through recessions and sharp technology and industry upheavals. To that end, Larry has employed Knowledge Management innovations of his own creation, including: Handcuff data mining/analysis, real-time Customer Inventory Alert software, Momentum-loss Alert software, and Customer Inventory Management. He integrates these personally authored software intelligence programs with small, focused customer support teams for maximum impact with efficient resource implementation, resulting in strong financial discipline and fanatical customer service.

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