Dotti Patton

Dotti Patton began her professional career as a public school English teacher, eventually moving on to teach at the University level where she first pursued an integration of standard instructional systems design and formal project management. She has been coaching her colleagues and evangelizing about project management principles ever since.

While working as a PM consultant, Dotti Patton implemented a variety of Project Management Offices. She is currently part of a team developing a PMO to support the efforts of the more than 5,000 employees at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center where she creates and customizes standardized methodology, coaches and mentors project managers, and provides training and support for PM procedures and tools.

Ms. Patton is currently serving her second term as the Vice President of Marketing for the Oklahoma City chapter of the Project Management Institute. In this capacity, she worked collaboratively with PMI Tulsa to develop the first joint PMI component publication, Project Landscape. Since its creation in the fall of 2007, the Project Landscape collaboration has grown from two chapters to twelve, including some international participants, and distribution has surpassed that of any other local PMI publication.

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