Anne Prestamo

Dr. Anne Prestamo is Associate Dean of Libraries for Collection and Technology Services at Oklahoma State University, where she holds the rank of Professor. A significant portion of her responsibilities focus on evaluation and implementation of electronic resources, and analysis and negotiation of licensing agreements. She has earned the respect of many library vendors as she works diligently to implement advanced technological features offered in their products.  The value of the relationships that she has built has been evidenced by numerous invitations to participate in focus groups and beta tests for new features and interfaces with numerous library vendors.  In 2003-2004 Dr. Prestamo served as President of the Oklahoma Library Association (OLA). In 2006 she was elected to a three year term on the American Library Association Council as the Oklahoma’s representative to that body.  She was recently re-elected to a second term on OCLC Members Council.  She has been a frequent invited presenter at state, regional, and national conferences. 

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