Guillermo A. Oyarce, Ph.D.
Fellow, Texas Center for Digital Knowledge
Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Science
University of North Texas

Dr. Oyarce holds a BS in Physics, a MS in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems, and a PhD in Information Sciences. He is Associate professor in the School of Library and Information Sciences at the University of North Texas (UNT) and teaches computer technology courses. His lectures emphasize the need for computer-based systems that address human cognition in order to facilitate the acquisition, retention, and use and analysis of information as it becomes individual and corporate knowledge. His current research is on the basic properties of text in document sets. He has developed a tool to identify text within context, the Rapid Search and Retrieval System, or RS2. This patented software can be used in various types of text processing tasks, from input to management to retrieval. It exploits the strengths of human cognition to access the information that documents encapsulate. Though currently centered in English, he is studying the addition of other languages as he includes his research collaborators of Europe and Latin America. He has published in the Journal of the American Society for Information Sciences and Technology and in the most prestigious scholarly journal that is published by the Academy of Sciences of China on Information Science.

Related topics of research interests:
Information Retrieval (IR) Systems: Feature selection
Human-Computer Interaction: Direct manipulation and Visualization in IR
Community informatics and computer-based social interactions
Cognitive issues in distributed networks such as Digital Libraries and repositories

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