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Suzan Pickels

By admin2019 - Posted on 08 December 2014

Suzan Pickels brings over 20 years of experience of consulting and knowledge management experience to her role at ConocoPhillips.

She has built and maintained successful knowledge programs for a number of companies in oil and gas and high tech industries.  Driven by passion for exposing global business value, her strongest accomplishments center on connecting people to explore minds and produce knowledge.

Suzan earned her bachelor’s degree at Texas A&M and co-teaches a leadership and negotiation course for MS engineering students at SMU in Dallas.

The Great Crew Change

As is true with many industries, the oil and gas industry is faced with “The Great Crew Change” where our more experienced employees are nearing retirement. According to research from PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the O&G industry will need to fill over 120,000 positions to avoid skills shortage in the coming years (1). Research like this, as well internal realities, have placed a much needed urgency on knowledge capture and retention. The challenge is how best to not only capture this information but also put it in context for newer employees in order to build their knowledge base as quickly as possible. The discussion is how best to marry governance, process, people and technology to ensure we don’t lose the wisdom and expertise from retiring employees.

Footnote: The Telegraph, Sept 5, 2013: