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Paul Signorelli

By admin2019 - Posted on 09 October 2014

Innovations in Onsite and Online Learning Spaces

Our onsite and online learning spaces in libraries and other learning organizations are rapidly, creatively, and dynamically evolving to match changes in our approaches to learning. An ever-growing shift from a focus on teacher-centric learning (learning by lecture) to learner-centric learning (learning through collaboration and project-based learning) means that our learning spaces need to be flexible enough to support that learner-centric focus. This session will take an interactive approach to exploring innovations in learning spaces that are onsite (e.g., spaces that can quickly and easily be reconfigured by learners and learning facilitators), online (e.g., learning spaces created within Facebook groups, Google+ communities, and connectivist MOOCs), and blended (spaces that synchronously connect onsite learners and learning facilitators with online colleagues via Twitter, Google+ Hangouts, and other tools). Session facilitator Paul Signorelli, a San Francisco-based writer-trainer-consultant with extensive experience facilitating onsite and online learning opportunities, will draw upon examples from libraries, academic settings, and other learning organizations to provide participants with ideas they can immediately begin applying within their own worksites; he will also help participants identify additional resources they can draw upon in their own day-to-day teaching-training-learning endeavors.

Pau Signorelli