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Chuck Tryon

By admin2019 - Posted on 11 December 2014

Chuck Tryon is a nationally respected educator and popular symposium speaker.  He is a proven thought-leader in the fields of knowledge management, project management and business requirements.  He alternates his time between creating new concepts, proving them on live projects and sharing his knowledge in seminar settings.  Chuck’s current focus in on healthcare improvement initiatives.

Chuck founded Tryon and Associates in 1986 to provide seminar training and consulting services.  The strategies presented in Mr. Tryon’s seminars are used by thousands of professionals in hundreds of organizations across the United States, Europe and Canada.  His client list includes many top 100 companies.

Until January 2014, Chuck served as the Chief of Program and Knowledge Management for MyHealth Access Network in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He was responsible for interoperability strategies and data integration needed to support the MyHealth Health Information Exchange. During that time, Chuck also co-chaired the Office of the National Coordinator’s very successful Beacon-EHR Vendor Affinity Group.  This federal group is responsible for clarifying the definition of the HITSP C32/C83 Continuity of Care Document and piloting the Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements for Transitions of Care.

The work at MyHealth extended Chuck’s 2009-2010 experience in healthcare reform where he helped manage a patient-centered medical home effort.  During that project, he adapted the business event modeling process to capture clinical policies.  Chuck is a primary author of business event modeling and has taught that technique to major organizations (including UPS and American Airlines) for over two decades.

In 2012, Chuck authored “Managing Organizational Knowledge: 3rd  Generation Knowledge Management … and BEYOND”.  He has also created over a dozen workshops.  Taylor and Francis will publish his latest book “Project Identification: Capturing Great Ideas to Dramatically Improve Your Organization” by the end of 2014.

Chuck is a frequent speaker for professional societies including the Knowledge and Information Professionals Association (KIPA), Project Management Institute (PMI) and the International Association of Business Analysts (IIBA).

Chuck holds a masters degree in Knowledge Management from the University of Oklahoma and an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Tulsa.

Chuck and his wife, Tresa, reside in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.  They have two grown daughters, Amanda and Casey and three wonderful grandchildren.

PROJECT IDENTIFICATION: The Missing Member of the Project Life-Cycle

Where do your projects come from? This could be the most overlooked question in all of Project Management. Many organizations, it seems, believe that projects arrive through a process no less magical than stork delivery. While formal processes for project initiation, execution and completion are firmly embedded in an organization’s project culture, little is said about project origins. As a result, projects tend to arrive wrapped in crisis with unrealistic expectations and unreasonable due dates.

Long-time Project Management author and teacher, Chuck Tryon, introduces a formal, repeatable process to organize, evaluate and then select candidate projects for execution. And it goes a giant step beyond by providing you with a mechanism for identifying and capturing great ideas and inspired thought as new project proposals. Best of all, this approach will leverage an existing organizational asset - your knowledge workers - to address real issues and opportunities in your organization. This greatly benefits your organization and provides your staff with recognition for their creativity.

The material in this new presentation is based on Chuck’s latest book, PROJECT IDENTIFICATION: Capturing Great Ideas Dramatically Improve Your Organization. Taylor and Francis has scheduled the book for publication in late 2014. Additional information on Chuck and his approach to Project Management is available at