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Cathy Koloff and Sunny Harris

By admin2019 - Posted on 03 December 2014

Cathy Koloff, IT Business Systems Analyst/Designer (formerly Sr. KM Analyst)

Sunny Harris, Business Readiness Analyst and Vendor Partner Liaison

Knowledge Management Frameworks for Managing Work Processes in Global Contexts

Companies doing business in the global economy find themselves in a situation where knowledge pathways must be clearly defined and formally structured with underlying business process controls so that all parties within the organization are consistently applying and always improving the knowledge assets that support their daily activities as well as their core functions and key strategies. Redefining the way that an organization does knowledge management when that global context is far-flung and not well integrated is critical to getting everyone on the same page and facilitating process consistency and business improvement, as well as laying the foundation for defining the importance and role of knowledge transfer in future acquisitions and mergers, reorganizations, outsourcing efforts, and other types of fundamental shifts in how the business operates. This presentation is a case study of how a model for that framework is assessed and defined, and how the foundational elements and processes behind a sustainable knowledge system are engineered, deployed and managed for long-term strategic growth.