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Ana D. Cleveland, PhD, AHIP, FMLA & Jodi L. Philbrick, PhD

By admin2019 - Posted on 06 February 2015

Dr. Ana D. Cleveland is Regents Professor, Sarah Law Kennerly Endowed Professor, and Director, Health Informatics Program at the University of North Texas – College of Information.  She was named a Fellow of the Medical Library Association in May 2013. Additionally, she is the Chair of the Medical Library Education Section of the Medical Library Association. Dr. Cleveland has an extensive list of presentations, publications, and awards.  She and Dr. Don Cleveland recently published the 4th edition of their popular book, Indexing and Abstracting.

Dr. Jodi Philbrick is Lecturer at the University of North Texas - College of Information. She is active in the Medical Library Association, where she is currently Chair of Section Council and sits on the Board of Directors. Dr. Philbrick has made presentations in the area of health sciences librarianship, including mobile technology and virtual reference services, and she currently serves as the editor of the Medical Library Education column for MLA News.

Using Knowledge Management Principles to Develop the Next Generation of Academic Library Leadership

As more and more academic libraries face turnover in leadership positions, it is important to employ principles of knowledge management in the profession to capture and share knowledge from the current leadership to the next.   Succession planning, knowledge-sharing programs, and mentoring are some methods that can be used to ensure that knowledge is communicated and transferred.  The role that professional associations, educational programs, and professional development plans play in ensuring a new generation of competent and effective leaders will be discussed.