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About KIPA


The Knowledge & Information Professional Association (KIPA) is an evolving umbrella group of diverse knowledge and information professionals who share a common goal of advancing the intelligent sharing of personal and organizational knowledge. Professionals represented in KIPA include knowledge managers, content managers, IT specialists, information analysts, librarians, archivists, records managers, document managers, web developers, and information architects. The group vision is to develop a network of knowledge specialists who will help each other understand how each specialty works together to build a total structure of knowledge and information management within an organization.


  • Provide a forum for knowledge and information professionals to exchange ideas and share experiences.
  • Promote professionalism and excellence in the knowledge and information professions through professional development and social interaction.
  • Serve the knowledge and information professionals by making information available through a wide array of resources such as listservs, meetings, publications and other activities.

Members of the board:

  • Jeff Allen (President), University of North Texas
  • Daniel Alemneh (Vice President), University of North Texas
  • Rose Baker (Treasurer), University of North Texas
  • Hillary Stark (Secretary), University of North Texas
  • Pranathy Enamela (Webmaster), University of North Texas
  • Habib Abdulraman, University of North Texas
  • Gina Minks, University of North Texas
  • Shadi Shakeri, University of North Texas
  • Cathy Koloff, Direct Energy