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2010 Conference Program

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Dutch Holland, Ph.D.Practical Actions and the “Secret Sauce” for Killer Knowledge Management
Dutch Holland Dr. Holland is the founder of Holland and Davis, a nationally recognized firm for implementing organizational change. He currently focuses on helping executives launch initiatives that will move their organizations to the next level of performance.. Dr. Holland is an engaging, humorous speaker who began publishing materials on the need for KM in the late 1990s. In this presentation, he will reveal what he believes are the most significant “secrets” for implementing KM in your organization.
Chuck TryonWhy Knowledge Management Matters
Chuck Tryon Chuck is a co-chair of the KPM Symposium and the conference moderator. Chuck has been a business consultant since the early 1980s and holds a master’s degree in Knowledge Management. This presentation discusses the organizational and individual implications of the knowledge processes and practices that comprise formal KM. The full PowerPoint of this presentation will be made available to all conference attendees to use in their organization.
Jim O’NealSmoke, Mirrors and Alligator Shoes: The Corruption of Corporate America
Jim O'Neal Jim was a keynote speaker for the 2009 KPM Symposium. As a former NASA engineer during the lunar program, he spoke on the “Lessons Learned (and forgotten) From Apollo 13.” The response was so positive to Jim’s presentation that we invited him to return. In this year’s presentation Jim will provide his insights and observations on the reasons behind so many of the recent headlines involving the breakdown of corporate values and ethics.
Len JasczakCreating a Knowledge Management Vision at PricewaterhouseCoopers
Len Jasczak Len will describe how he and his team were able to create a vision for Knowledge Management that resulted in a centralized, integrated KM organization for PwC. On Day 2, he will follow-up with how PwC has structured this approach.
Suliman Hawamdeh, Ph.D.Knowledge Management and Organizational Capacity
Suliman Hawamdeh Dr. Hawamdeh is a professor at the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa and is the founding chair of the KPM Symposium. He is also the founding chair of the International Conference on Knowledge Management. In this presentation, Dr. Hawamdeh will examine the roles educational institutions and professional societies will play in educating future KM professionals.
Walter VialiManaging and Transferring Organizational Knowledge on Projects
Walter Viali Since the early 1980s, Walter has been an evangelist for formal methods on projects. He pioneered facilitation methods for Texaco and created their first PMO. He has been appointed to serve as the PMI Region 6 mentor for 2011 through 2013. In this presentation, Walter will discuss the significance of using lessons learned to improve your projects and capture knowledge.
Neil OlonoffKM for Continuity of Operations Planning: Building Resilience into Business as Usual with Knowledge Management
Neil Olonoff Neil is a Knowledge Management (KM) and Organizational Development (OD) consultant and theorist. He has a diverse consulting background and currently is Lead KM Consultant in the KM Office of the U.S. Army G-4 (Logistics). This presentation outlines a planning and implementation strategy for preservation and restoration of knowledge assets in disaster situations.
Charlie Precourt — Spaceflight Lessons in Knowledge Management
Charlie Precourt Charlie is a four time Space Shuttle astronaut, pilot and commander. He served as the Chief of the NASA Astronaut Corp from 1998 to 2002. He is currently a Vice President and General Manager of Space Launch Systems for Alliant Techsystems (ATK) and is directly responsible for the design and construction of reusable rocket engines.
Kelly RiggsThe Consequences of Organizational Isolation
Kelly Riggs Kelly is a highly dynamic and engaging presenter. His presentations are frequently rated “best of” at conferences and events. In this presentation, Kelly will speak on the dangers of isolated organizational silos and the implications on knowledge sharing.
Len JasczakKnowledge Services at PricewaterhouseCoopers
Len Jasczak As the Director of the Knowledge Strategy Team for PwC in Tampa, Len understands the challenges of implementing an effective KM strategy in a large organization. In this presentation, Len will describe how PwC has structured their KM unit and describe their roles.
Tracy CoxLeveraging Social Capital to Increase Knowledge Sharing
Tracy Cox Tracy is the Director of Performance Consulting for Raytheon in Dallas. Tracy works with organizations to help them uncover their true worth through application of organizational network analysis, enhanced decision making techniques, innovation and Raytheon Six Sigma™. In this presentation Tracy will explain how to create an environment of trust to facilitate knowledge sharing across organizational boundaries.
Randy EnglundThe Complete Project Manager
Randy Englund As a highly recognized speaker and author on the Project Management Institute circuit, Randy brings a seasoned and important message about the true role of a Project Manager. In this session, Randy shares insights, experiences and examples that motivates action.
Joe ColanninoUse of Knowledge Management Principles in Leading a Global R&D Organization
Joe Colannino Joe is responsible for global R&D and learning at John Zink Co. LLC, an industrial combustion solutions provider to the petrochemical and petroleum industries. He holds a master’s degree in Knowledge Management. In this presentation, this popular KPM speaker will describe how KM principles have been used to strengthen R&D progress with tangible results for a global R&D organization.
Dursun Delen, Ph.D.Knowledge Discovery for Business Intelligence
Dursun Delen Dr. Delen is a professor at Oklahoma State University Spear School of Business in Tulsa. His research specialty is text mining for knowledge discovery and utilization. He is a member of the KPM Organizing Committee. In this presentation, Dr. Delen will provide a general description of business intelligence and how data mining may be used to discover and capture the knowledge your organization needs to thrive.