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2011 KPM Speakers

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Alissa Crawford Subtle Shifts: Looking at Innovation and Communication
brad brummel.png
Bradley Brummel, PhD Understanding and Changing Employee Knowledge Sharing Attitudes and Behaviors

This presentation will discuss practical ways to use empirical research findings on the nature of attitudes and attitude change to facilitate knowledge transfer. Specifically, the presentation will focus on regaining employee trust and positive attitudes toward knowledge sharing after violations in knowledge sharing exchange expectations have occurred (i.e. credit for the idea was taken by another person; an idea was ignored or derided;...

Chuck Tryon 3rd Generation Knowledge Management … and Beyond!

Even given its short life span, Knowledge Management has clearly evolved through three distinct eras, and is already entering a fourth. These are not mutually exclusive events, but building blocks. In this presentation, KPM co-founder, Chuck Tryon, will explore these generations and identify how the KPM Symposium has helped build bridges between them over the past five years. It will also help you identify what your organization has...

Craig Dean Business Intelligence – Getting Out of the CLOUDs and Achieving Practical Results
David C. Kendrick, MD, MPH Applying Knowledge Management to Improve Community Health
Diane White Photo.jpg
Diane White, MA, SCM, PMP Project Management as a Strategic Competency

The 20th century brought organizational management of routine operations to a high level. But executing change in an increasingly fast-paced and competitive world remained a challenge – one that project management has evolved to meet. This presentation emphasizes that project management is a profession distinct from “management in general,” and gives examples of organizations that are aligning their projects and programs with strategic goals...

Dr. Dan Duffy Practice-Based Learning and Improvement (PGLI)

The competency of Practice-Based Learning and Improvement (PBLI) is the habit of continuously advancing knowledge, attitudes, and skills through reflection and feedback on measures of medical practice and taking deliberate action to improve practice systems, including one’s part in it. PBLI is a complex competency that integrates several learning concepts and methods in professional advancement across the novice to expert developmental stages...

suliman hawamdeh.jpg
Dr. Suliman Hawamdeh The Professionalization of Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is increasingly recognized as a strategic and critical part of the operations of both public and private organizations. The knowledge economy and the increased emphasis on knowledge as a key driver of growth are suggestive of the emerging knowledge management profession. However, the exact nature of the new profession and, specifically the role of the knowledge management professionals in today’s knowledge community...

eric freeman.jpg
Eric N. Freeman, PE KM Implementation – Anyone Can Do It !

This is a Case Study in the first steps of a Knowledge Management Initiative at a growing pipeline products and services company. In order to sustain our growth objectives, we realize that there is business-critical knowledge that we need to get to the right people at the right time to provide effective solutions to our customers. Much of this knowledge is scattered about in the various repositories maintained by Subject Matter Experts,...

jared deshields.jpg
Jared DeShields ITIL & KM…Do the two belong in the same sentence?

An overview of the industry standard IT service management framework (ITIL) and how it applies to, and works in conjunction with KM efforts. Aside from providing a high-level overview of the basics of ITIL (including the overall objectives of the framework, and who might be impacted by it), this discussion will dive into how ITIL and KM can co-exist, and how a practical application of either KM or ITIL can enhance the prospect of success for...

Jeff Crawford You Can't Always Get What You Want: Identifying Practical Ways to Get the Right Information
Jeff Crawford - KPM 2011 Presentation.pdf
Len Jasczak Managing Knowledge in a Global Network

What should an organization consider when evaluating how it can leverage resources across a global network and through off-shoring to enhance efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Phillip Robinson Connecting Knowledge Workers in an Oil and Gas Company

Presentation covers how a local E&P company is connecting its knowledge workers with the data they need when they need it. This presentation is based on the custom development of an application that is built on the existing workflows of the organization. The purpose of the application is to store relevant data in one location while following the natural work process of the knowledge worker.

Phil Barnett Photo.jpg
Phillip W. Barnett Business Value from Knowledge Management: Sharing Our KM Measurement Experience

In PwC's transformation of KM through the evolution of its Knowledge Services Organization, Phil Barnett will discuss some typical measures that can be applied to KM performance improvement programs/projects as well as explore some of the more innovative approaches he and his PwC team devised to gauge and measure organization change. Impact measures must test for people behaviors beyond clicks, and link to leadership's priorities and...

Rick Wilson
Rick L. Wilson Sports and Knowledge Analytics: A View from Behind the Foul Pole.

This presentation will take a broad look at the use of knowledge analytic tools and techniques in today’s ‘post-Moneyball’ sports world. The author (and the attendees) will speculate on what it all means for the owners, participants and fans now and into the future.

Sherry Marshall Subtle Shifts: Looking at Innovation and Communication